Kirsten Yamaoka
"God, make me a bird."
Darcy Patterson is raising money to prevent youth substance use in memory of Kirsten

Remembering Kirsten

Kirsten Yamaoka

Let me tell you about Kirsten.  When she was little she always fought for the disadvantaged, she adored children, and gave you the most loving smile. Literally beautiful inside and out.

Kirsten was an overachiever.  She loved volleyball, her close friends, and her brother.

Her life was forever changed when she was introduced to drugs.  She quickly became addicted, went to rehabs and counseling, found herself in jail, and eventually ended up a statistic of the opioid epidemic.  She overdosed on heroin on her 21st Birthday: March 1, 2017.

Kirsten Y. Youtube cover

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Your contribution to SafeLaunch in memory of Darcy Patterson's child helps prevent this tragic brain disease from taking the lives of other young people.