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Giving Tuesday is on November 28, and we're inviting you to make a difference in the lives of young individuals across the nation on this day of generosity. Preventing early use is the best way to prevent substance use disorders from developing, and seeing prevention in action is incredibly rewarding.

SafeLaunch’s primary mission is to prevent the use of any substance during the critical years of brain development prior to age 21. We empower the next generation to make healthy choices and thrive, and provide up-to-date research about the growing brain’s susceptibility to addiction. 

Youth Paint the SafeLaunch Addiction Prevention Aircraft
Youth Learn About their Brain and Paint an Actual Airplane!
Flights Above Addiction Exhibit Engages Youth at Aviation Events.

Drug Free Clubs of America

Nationwide, SafeLaunch works tirelessly to establish Drug Free Clubs in secondary schools. These clubs not only promote a substance-free lifestyle but also reward and celebrate teens who choose to live free from the pressures of substances during the crucially important years of brain growth.

DFCA and SafeLaunch at CASCWA23
Presenting and Engaging with Educators alongside Drug Free Clubs of America at Conferences

The First Two California Drug Free Clubs of America

We are proud to share that SafeLaunch played a pivotal role in launching the FIRST two Drug Free Club of America in California! Two Clovis schools have embraced the initiative, and received $6,000 from SafeLaunch to kickstart their Clubs.

Clovis North Presentation
$3,000 check awarded to Clovis High School to start its Drug Free Club

Empowering Resilience with Scholarships for Success

SafeLaunch provides $1,000 scholarships to selected graduating high school students who have overcome drug use or demonstrated exceptional resilience in the face of backgrounds challenged by substance use. Your support helps us uplift and empower these deserving individuals.

cascwa scholarships

California Association of Supervisors Child Welfare and Attendance Joe Bruccia and SafeLaunch Scholarship Recipients

Primary Prevention Takes Flight

This year, SafeLaunch took its Flights Above Addiction to its 66th aviation event, now having provided over 20,000 parents and youth with face-to-face instruction on the importance of remaining substance-free until the brain is fully developed.

The banners displayed under the wings of the aircraft are part of the SafeLaunch Wind Beneath Our Wings memorial dedicated to over 500 young people who died from substance use.

Young children learn from SafeLaunch about the developing brain and take the One Choice pledge not to use any substance before age 21.

The SafeLaunch Prevention Plane exhibit engages with teens, teaching them why prevention is important to maintain a healthy brain

SafeLaunch Talks with Youth about Their Reasons Not to Use Any Substance Before 21.

The interactive exhibit informs families and school children about the growing brain and how to protect it. The Wind Beneath Our Wings Memorial displays the names of young people who lost their lives to drug use. 

How Can You Help on Giving Tuesday?

Your generosity is the driving force behind our mission, and we invite you to continue making a positive impact on Giving Tuesday. Consider making a donation, no matter the amount, to support our mission to empower the youth of today to become tomorrow’s leaders.

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Together, we are creating a future where every young person has the opportunity to thrive, unburdened by the challenges of substance use.

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