Ginger Overstreet
“And now you ... remember her as a dance ... a tingling whisper... Just an odd dance that may have made a bittersweet difference.” - from Last Dance, a poem by Ginger
Deborah Spease is raising money to prevent youth substance use in memory of Ginger

Remembering Ginger

Ginger was an intelligent, straight-A student from kindergarten to college. She was published as a Poet of Distinction in New Jersey’s Courier post, and had a love for all types of animals. She advocated for pitbulls, the most misunderstood dog breed, and aspired to be a veterinarian. At heart, she was a hippy and loved everything 70s. 

Unfortunately, Ginger was introduced to drugs by an abusive boyfriend. She also suffered from Bipolar Disorder. Though she sought help at rehabs and NA meetings, she was unable to overcome her addictions and overdosed on a combination of cocaine and heroin on 01/24/2017. 

Your contribution to SafeLaunch in memory of Deborah Spease's child helps prevent this tragic brain disease from taking the lives of other young people.