Ron Cuff
Commander Ron Cuff is a retired U.S. Naval Aviator. His service included: Primary Navy Flight Instructor, earning the designation of Aircraft Commander on four different types of Navy aircraft, where he logged 120 “arrested” landings on seven U.S. aircraft carriers, and was a Test Pilot for the Pacific Missile Test Center. As a Naval Reservist, Ron served as the Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Reserve Unit, simultaneously serving as Deputy Director for the Navy and Marine Corps nationwide Campaign Drug Free. In his civilian life, Ron holds a master’s degree in business administration and is Past President of the San Luis Obispo Abuse Prevention Council. Ron’s objective is to affect a sea change in the current culture of adolescent substance abuse. Early drug use is a causal factor in the development of addiction which fuels the drug epidemic, hinders students’ ability to achieve success, and compromises our national defense.