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SafeLaunch Alliance business partners are among the millions of
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The SafeLaunch nonprofit organization was founded in 2010 with the mission to prevent early use of alcohol or other drugs. Because the human brain grows rapidly during the developmental years, it is very susceptible to drug dependency, particularly during adolescence. SafeLaunch created a series of programs to educate teens, parents and educators about this crucial, biological fact. We promote the health standard established by the Institute of Behavior and Health: no use of substances under the age of 21 for reasons of health, and we inform that for youth, all substance use is related. Everyone needs to know that nine out of ten people living with substance use disorder began using before age 18 and that this is a preventable juvenile onset disease.

Flights Above Addiction

In 2014, the Flights Above Addiction program launched, and due to that outreach, the Wind Beneath Our Wings Memorial to young people who died from substance use disorder was created. Flights Above Addiction utilizes a Cessna aircraft to engage with young families at aviation events across the country. With fuel sponsored by event organizers, SafeLaunch has been able to bring this interactive life-affirming, aviation and art experience to 54 events across the country. The SafeLaunch founders have flown the aircraft from coast to coast to raise awareness and educate families. The Wind Beneath Our Wings Memorial has also been successful. The plane’s wings and windows display the names of over 500 young people who lost their lives to drugs. When youth interact with the SafeLaunch team and parents who have lost children to substance disorder, they do so under the memorial names. It’s a poignant reminder that substance use disorder can affect anyone.

SafeLaunch Scholarships

Starting with the Media $500 Contests, followed by the Youth Leadership Awards, SafeLaunch has demonstrated its commitment to launching youth into adulthood without the disease of addiction by celebrating students who overcome life's hurdles. We are working with community partners to create a SafeLaunch Scholarship Fund that provides financial support to youth exiting the foster care system.

SafeLaunch Parent Alliance

The goal of the Alliance is to create an overwhelming number of citizens, organizations and businesses committed to policies that prioritize environments where youth can thrive. Industries, like alcohol and tobacco, spend vast sums of money to lobby legislators for weak regulations. The Alliance creates a powerful force capable of educating legislators about the need to protect young people from drug harms, and show them the importance of strong regulations on products known to cause substance use disorder. 

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