My mood was somber. Anxiety, isolation at home and too many virtual meetings were all part of my dilemma. I went to the park to clear my head and came upon four people tossing a frisbee, including a Dad with a one-year old baby on his shoulders. Every time the disc would come to him, it was the funniest thing the baby had ever seen. His crack up was pure, heartfelt and robust.

I found myself grinning and laughing right along with this baby who was now gathering a crowd. My mood, which was not unique among my fellow park-goers, had lifted. Those nearby were fully entertained and suddenly everyone was having a great day. The infectious laughter had spread-- pure joy.

Great composers create music that can elicit feelings of foreboding, love, trepidation or happiness. Humanity’s Magnum Opus is in full concert when a child's unbridled laughter gathers a crowd and lifts their spirits.

A child’s laughter is medicine…it has natural healing powers.

Insuring the healthy, non-chemically altered development of an adolescent’s brain is the critical element in making sure that young people retain their ability to feel and maintain their natural joy.

Thank you for sharing this goal.



Informing families, schools and communities that the only safe amount of adolescent exposure to alcohol and other drugs is zero. #onechoice