REQUIRE that all addictive consumer products be clearly labeled!

All consumers, particularly young people with not yet fully developed brains, should know whether a product they may unwisely consider using contains an addictive chemical such as nicotine, THC or alcohol. These chemicals have the potential to destroy lives and futures. Currently, all products intended for human consumption have been required to disclose their ingredients, but FAIL TO WARN OF THE ADDICTION POTENTIAL of their products, especially for young people.

By signing this petition, you are declaring that you expect addictive products to be clearly labeled as such, and support SafeLaunch to educate lawmakers and promote legislation to protect children and young adolescents from the chronic brain disease of addiction.

For example, the tobacco industry has successfully fought regulation that would require clear and graphic warnings on their products, and the alcohol industry continues to minimize the cancer risk - especially of the breast - associated with alcohol consumption. Consumers have a right to be warned of the potential harm from advertised products, especially those that can cause addiction.



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