Bart Bright is raising money to prevent youth substance use in memory of Kevin

Remembering Kevin

Kevin was 15 when he started abusing marijuana. He was very good at hiding his use until he came to us and said he was depressed and needed help. We spoke with an educational consultant who evaluated Kevin and recommended a therapeutic wilderness program. This was the beginning of many years of therapy and other programs in which Kevin participated. From age 15 to 29, Kevin’s drug of choice was marijuana. During that time period he had many psychotic breaks, was legally mandated to temporary, involuntary psychiatric commitment as a protective measure,  and at least three suicide attempts.

Over the years Kevin used marijuana with higher and higher amounts of THC. About two years before he took his life on August 14, 2018, he said, “Cannabis has ruined my life.”

We love and miss Kevin very much, everyday. One way we honor Kevin’s life is by telling his story to educate other parents and young people about the great harm that today’s high THC marijuana does to the developing brain. Every parent needs to know that the human brain grows rapidly between the ages 12 to 25. This is a crucial period that determines the structure and future functioning of the adult brain, and a time that young people are especially vulnerable to the effects of drugs.  

Kevin's life mattered and we share Kevin's story to save other families from experiencing this terrible loss. 

Your contribution to SafeLaunch in memory of Bart Bright's child helps prevent this tragic brain disease from taking the lives of other young people.