It's an extremely concerning issue that over 100,000 lives are lost to overdose each year. Addressing addiction at an early stage, especially before age 18, is crucial for preventing the long-term consequences that can impact a person's life. Schools play a vital role in providing education and support to help prevent drug use among young individuals.

A team of Firefighters founded Drug Free Clubs of America in 2005 in response to the drug-related tragedies they witnessed every day. They regularly were called on to rescue people whose lives had been devastated by overdoses, violence, accidents, or even death. To them there was nothing more difficult than being called to a scene resulting in the loss of a young life. This was especially true when it was caused by something as avoidable as drug abuse.  It stung even more to know that every single one of those teens were drug-free at one point. 

Some of the benefits of voluntary membership in school-based Drug Free Clubs include:

✔ Protects the brain at its most vulnerable period of growth

✔ Offers proven strategies to reduce teen substance use

✔ Provides students with a reason to resist peer pressure

✔ Provides members with rewards for remaining substance free

✔ Improves school culture

✔ Looks impressive on resumes and job applications

✔ Brings parents, schools and communities together to benefit youth

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