We live in a divided country, full of vitriol and venom towards those with whom we disagree. The USA is a place defined where the “many” come together as “one”, but that seems quaint and illusive today.

Exactly twenty years ago tomorrow, unthinkable horror was visited upon our soil by foreign terrorists. 3,000 lives were lost in the blink of an eye with more to follow. In that same instant, however, we put aside our petty differences, linked arms and unified as one people, one nation, defiant and strong. Like any forged and polished sword, however, the metal begins to tarnish and its luster fades from idleness and neglect.

In the same period of time since 9/11, 2001, our county has lost nearly 1 million people to an equally unthinkable horror due to drug addiction and overdose. Add to that the number of suicides prompted by that misery and the numbers become truly daunting.

Yet we don’t unify, rally as one and act in bold defiance. We don’t wave the flag and link arms in unity to fight this constant and pervasive enemy that steals the flower of society from us. The rallying cry may be faint, but it’s still audible to the families who have a permanent void in their lives.

This note is not about 9/11 specifically, but about that which does or should unite us. We are incredibly strong and can overcome horrendous adversity when motivated. The loss of life isn’t as instant or obviously violent, but the enemy is at least as clear and defined as the one we called out from the base of the twin towers.

Please take this moment to consider our roles in defending the promise of America’s future. You don’t have to don a uniform to wage this battle, but a clear and present danger it is indeed.

Please support the work of SafeLaunch and rally to our children’s healthy and substance-free futures. It is the good fight.

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Informing families, schools and communities that the only safe amount of adolescent exposure to alcohol and other drugs is zero. #onechoice