Co-founder CDR Ron Cuff USN (ret.) has been donating his time and resources to the SafeLaunch mission since the organization's founding in 2010. In 2014, SafeLaunch created the Flights Above Addiction program that utilizes CDR Cuff's aircraft, skills and generosity to provide an engaging, educational experience for young families at aviation events. As of this blog post date, we have exhibited and painted the plane with youth 54 times across the country (see map) inspiring them to grow up free from the use of any substance that can hurt their brain and potentially enslave them with a substance use disorder for life. 

We are pleased to share that our efforts to protect youth from the life-limiting effects effects of substance use were acknowledged in the current issue of AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) Magazine. AOPA unites over 300,000 general aviation pilots around the globe. AOPA Magazine Feature AOPA Magazine Feature

SafeLaunch AOPA Magazine Feature



Informing families, schools and communities that the only safe amount of adolescent exposure to alcohol and other drugs is zero. #onechoice