Inspiring Youth to Launch Safely

In collaboration with youth, community leaders and sponsors, SafeLaunch presents 
Flights Above Addiction

SafeLaunch Flights Above Addiction Buckeye AZ Film Cover

Flights Above Addiction is an interactive exhibit using art and aviation to inform youth and families that:

  • When exposed to alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs, children are up to six times more vulnerable to the brain disease of addiction than adults.

  • Substance Use Disorder is contracted before age 18 in nine out of ten cases

  • Addiction is a preventable pediatric onset,  brain disease

Flights Above Addiction invites youth artists to paint on the "SafeLaunch prevention plane" at aviation events across the country. After a brief lesson about the science of addiction, the artists depict their own dreams on the fuselage of the plane and take a pledge to make One Choice: not to use alcohol or other drugs before age 21. 

SafeLaunch One Choice Pledge

Youth participants have the opportunity to take control and feel the possibility of flight to give them a sense of the vast possibilities that a life without addiction holds. Parents learn the importance of keeping their children safe from exposure to alcohol and other drugs. 

Individuals, businesses, and youth service providers who support our mission – to prevent early exposure to substances that cause addiction – are invited to attend our events and sponsor Flights Above Addiction. Sponsors receive recognition of their commitment to the cause at the events, in media, and in publications.

SafeLaunch is a primary addiction prevention initiative founded by parents in 2010.
Ron Cuff, the tour pilot, is a retired Navy Commander who was safely launched from and landed on seven different U.S. aircraft carriers over 120 times. 

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