Thank you for being a part of this film project! We are grateful to have been asked to create this film that aims to inspire youth to achieve their goals by keeping their minds healthy and away from substance use. It's going to be great!

All of our programs are focused on primary prevention in order to:

  • reminds everyone that substance use disorder and addiction is a preventable pediatric onset disease;
  • encourages youth to make One Choice not to use any substance before age 21;
  • sponsors school-based Drug Free Clubs of America; 
  • supports legislation that protects youth from alcohol, nicotine and marijuana exposure before age 21;
  • provides scholarships to transitional age youth (18-24) who have overcome extreme childhood adversity; and,
  • recognizes individuals, organizations and communities that actively prevent adolescent alcohol, tobacco and drug use.

Thank you for being a part of the solution to the drug epidemic.