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Fly Above Addiction: Young Artists Paint, Say Yes To Life!

Fly Above Addiction: Artists from the Camarillo Boys and Girls Club Named their Design, Say Yes to Life!

Fly Above Addiction Camarillo

Video: Camarillo Boys and Girls Club Artists “Say Yes To… Life!”

John Palminteri and crew from KEYT News Channel 3 captured the event on this video to help us spread our important addiction prevention message.

The video


Santa Barbara Teen News Network: The best TV show made by teens

All teens in Santa Barbara County are invited to join the cast and crew of sbTNN.

Check this out and register at!

Camarillo Teens Fly Above Addiction on August 23, 2013

Boys and Girls Club Camarillo CA

Camarillo Boys and Girls Club artists paint the SafeLaunch Cessna 182 Skylane to Prevent Addiction!

SafeLaunch is encouraging local teens with a flare for art to graphically express their feelings about addiction and the science of the brain. Our plane is a pure white canvas shaped like a Cessna. It screams for original art and design. We enjoy seeing the teens paint it and giving them the opportunity to view their world naturally high.

SafeLaunch is practicing the art of prevention, and what could be more fun and educational than public art that flies?”

This ‘Fly Above Addiction’ event is co-sponsored by CHANNEL ISLANDS AVIATION and the Ventura County Department of Airports. It’s the second in a series of SIX flights to Southern California airports. The number SIX is significant because most people don’t realize that teens are up to six times more susceptible to addiction than adults. We believe that knowledge is power, and when it’s known that addiction is a preventable brain disease contracted in childhood 90% of the time, we will make proactive choices to prevent it.

At 1pm Friday, August 23, 2013, students from the Camarillo Boys and Girls Club under the direction of club Vice President Roberto Martinez will paint the entire Cessna. Channel Islands Aviation is located at 305 Durley Ave. Camarillo. The public is invited to attend. For more information, contact SafeLaunch at 805-283-7233.