Losing a child under any circumstances is one of the worst experiences that anyone can imagine. Understanding that your experience is deeply personal, we sincerely appreciate your courage which, helps breakdown the stigma surrounding the disease of addiction. Your terrible loss is the reason that we have given our time and resources to SafeLaunch since 2010.


The Wind Beneath Our Wings is a living memorial to those who have lost their lives to the disease of addiction. The SafeLaunch co-founders fly a Cessna to aviation events where youth are invited to paint their dreams for a healthy future on the sides of the plane. This immersive activity illustrates the point that every child can fly without the impediment of drugs

Due to the scale of the drug epidemic, a fleet of 747s would be required to memorialize every person who has lost their life to substance use disorder. However, this one special aircraft displays the names of hundreds of vital young people whose lives were cut short by drugs. The names are permanently affixed under the wings, and when exhibiting at events, displayed on wing banners and window placards.

To add your child’s name to the memorial, click here. Your story will become a part of The Wind Beneath our Wings memorial album that is shared at aviation events.  By taking this action, you ensure that your child did not die in vain; their short life will help educate other children and families about the risk of alcohol and other drug use, and you will be able to follow your child's journey on our social media sites. To watch children paint the plane, click here.

Thank you for giving lift to the SafeLaunch mission. Young parents need to understand that the disease of addiction strikes families just like theirs, and know that addiction can happen to anyone.