Kids and Aviation Come Together with SafeLaunch & Signature Flight Support

On Saturday, August 5, 2017 from 9 to noon local youth will paint their dreams for a healthy life at Signature Flight Support at the San Diego International Airport. Free admission!

SafeLaunch and their partner Signature Flight Support will arrive in San Diego, California, as part of their West Coast “Flights Above Addiction Tour,” in the effort to stem adolescent drug and alcohol exposure and addiction.

Local youth, parents and community leaders will participate in an interactive experience: learning the science of addiction and how exposure alcohol and drugs impact the brain while it’s still developing. Youth will have the opportunity to paint their dreams of a healthy, addiction-free future on a Cessna Skylane, the “Flights Above Tour” plane.

In addition, SafeLaunch “Wing Parents” (parents whose children lost their lives to addiction) are invited to see their children’s names on the wings and share their experiences to educate others.

SafeLaunch co-founder and retired Navy commander Ron Cuff inspires attendees to focus on
launching kids safely, just as the aircraft carrier crews did for him over 120 times. Cuff tells the youth, “A great life is like a great flight. You must train for it and choose a destination, but most of all, you must keep your head clear and your brain healthy. Never forget.”

“Parenting was never easy, but it’s even harder in today’s technology-focused culture,” said Janet Rowse, SafeLaunch co-founder and parent. “It takes a committed village to raise healthy children, so we are especially appreciative of Signature Flight Support for partnering with us to inform families that mixing developing minds with any kind of intoxicant, is a recipe for addiction.”

The United States is in the midst of an addiction epidemic. Due to the escalating use of opioids, experts estimate that as many Americans are expected to die from overdose in 2017 as died in the Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined. Thankfully, slowing the disease of addiction is within our grasp. Research has shown that adolescents have up to a 600 percent greater risk of developing chemical dependency than adults. Therefore, when parents and schools are educated about the root of addiction, protecting youth from early drug and alcohol exposure is entirely possible.

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