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For a Healthy Brain Teens Need to Make “One Choice”

By Robert L. DuPont, MD

One Choice is a consistent, clear social messaging concept designed to encourage young people under 21 not to use any alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other drugs to protect their health, especially the health of their brains. At present, prevention efforts tend to focus on a single substance or circumstance, e.g., only marijuana, only alcohol or binge drinking, or not drinking and driving. One Choice cuts through these details and centers in on the single decision that teens face every day: whether or not to use any substance at all. Rather than a series of substance-specific decisions, teens make one overarching, day-by-day decision on whether or not to use any substance, including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs. Data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) show that the use by teens age 12 to 17 of any one of the three gateway drugs – alcohol, cigarettes or marijuana – dramatically increases the likelihood of use of the other two substances and other illicit drugs. Similarly, non-use of any one of these substances significantly reduces the likelihood of using the other two or other illicit drugs. This is the basis for One Choice. Adolescents, regardless of past substance use, have the choice today and the choice every day to not use any substance to maintain a healthy brain.

Addiction is rooted in adolescence: 90 percent of adults with substance use disorders begin using in the teenage years. The good news is that a growing percentage of teens in the US are making the choice not to use any substance. Nationally representative data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)-funded Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey show that over the course of the last four decades a steadily increasing percentage of high school seniors report having never used any alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana or other illicit drugs.

In 2014, over one quarter (25.5%) of high school seniors had never used any alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana or other drugs in their lifetimes. Half (50%) of high school seniors had not used any substance in the past 30 days. It is possible for every teen to make the choice not to use any substances. More and more teens are making that One Choice.

To learn more about One Choice to maintain a healthy brain, visit the IBH website,

Robert L. DuPont, MD
President, Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc.
Former Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse (1973-1978)
Former White House Drug Chief (1973-1977)

Safely Launching Kids at the 2017 California Capital Airshow

Sacramento, California experienced hot weather and even hotter demonstration flying at the California Capital Airshow on September 9 and 10. And thanks to the generous support of the Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society Alliance, SafeLaunch was there to pose the hot question, “Do you know how to prevent addiction?” to hundreds of families attending the two day event to ensure that they could answer, “Yes!”


“DJ”, the all-white Cessna plane, is the centerpiece of the SafeLaunch Healthy Futures program, “Flights Above Addiction“. Flying to airshows across California to inform young families about the extreme risk of drug exposure to developing brains while offering youth the unique opportunity to paint their dreams for a healthy future onto DJ, SafeLaunch gives parents tools they need to protect their families.

Due to the opiate epidemic sweeping our country, experts and laypeople are trying to understand how over 150 people are dying every day to the disease of addiction and what we can do to stop it. Sadly, Mr. and Mrs. Eckhardt, and millions of more parents like them, understand the problem too well. As SafeLaunch “Wing Parents”, they came out to see their son Connor’s name affixed to one of DJ’s wings, as part of the SafeLaunch Wind Beneath Our Wings program. Connor’s story is a poignant lesson to all: drug use can devastate or end anyone’s life.

SafeLaunch offers tools to protect children from early drug and alcohol exposure. Along with the knowledge that 9 out of 10 cases of addiction are rooted in adolescent brain exposure to intoxicants, parents must take specific steps to protect their families. One of those steps is securing all drugs and alcohol in the home. To help them get started, SafeLaunch gave away coupons for a locking medicine bottle by local company, Safer Lock Rx and provided a companion prevention guide produced in conjunction with our friends at Pathway to Prevention. The future is bright for informed and well-equipped families!

If you are a parent with children of any age, you can help the SafeLaunch mission fly further and faster by taking the Parent Pledge online.

Strong Partnerships Help Kids Launch Into Life

Sky-high collaboration with Safer Lock helps protect kids from prescription medication abuse and accidental poisoning

As the United States’ opioid epidemic kills over 100 Americans each and every day, Safer Lock and SafeLaunch take primary youth prevention to the skies. Learn how this innovative prevention partnership aims to stop youth drug misuse and abuse, and prevent accidental poisonings. It all begins with a small white airplane, some buckets of paint, and a child’s dreams for the future.

Gatekeeper Innovation, parent company of the Safer Lock, is proud to partner with a nonprofit that’s literally taking youth drug and alcohol education to the skies.  In SafeLaunch’s innovative Flights Above Addiction program, children have a chance to paint their own dreams on the fuselage of a white Cessna 182, flown into aviation events by pilot Ron Cuff.  First, though, they participate in an interactive lesson about the science of addiction.  “We tell the young artists that a great life is like a great flight:  You need to plan your destination and keep a clear head to arrive safely,” explains Ron.

As they envision and then illustrate their dreams, the children have the chance to feel the possibility of flight and imagine the vast possibilities of a life undamaged by drugs or alcohol. While the kids are painting away, volunteer educators share evidence-based prevention principles with parents to help them build their children’s bright futures – free of alcohol or drugs.

Visitors to the SafeLaunch event at the Santa Barbara-area Goleta Lemon Festival on September 16-17 received a SafeLaunch Safety Kit that includes a Safer Lock abuse-deterrent combination locking cap and medication bottle, a Premier Biotech drug test kit and the SafeLaunch Parent Pledge card.  These prevention resources are sponsored by Signature Flight Support, the world’s largest Fixed Base Operation providing flight support services, fuel, handling, maintenance and hangarage for private aviation worldwide.

SafeLaunch is an innovative non-profit focused on primary addiction prevention.  “We started SafeLaunch to educate parents about brain development,” says SafeLaunch co-founder Janet Rowse.  “And, we are grateful for the support of our business partnerships who share our commitment to keeping children’s brains safe so they can have the opportunity to have a great life. ” She and co-founder Ron Cuff have taken that education to the skies with their Flights Above Addiction program that participates in West Coast regional aviation events and airshows.

But primary prevention calls for so much more than aspirational images on the fuselage of a plane.  Among other things, it takes tools and resources, and that’s where Safer Lock comes into the picture.  As Safer Lock co-founder Nathan Langley points out, “In the world of medication misuse and accidental poisonings, prevention is king.  We’re honored to have this opportunity to work with SafeLaunch and provide abuse-deterrent packaging that helps keep medications out of the wrong hands.”

On a poignant note, SafeLaunch invites parents from across the country to memorialize a child’s life tragically cut short by drug or alcohol use.  As Janet Rouse explains, “When parents send us their children’s pictures and stories, we permanently affix their names and ages to the underside of the wings of the Cessna, and we put their stories in the Wind Beneath our Wings album that we share with young families at the airshows.” At aviation events, those names and ages are a silent tribute to lives lost.  In stark contrast, the colorful images painted on the plane show young dreamers’ imaginations of lives free of tobacco, alcohol and drugs… lives where the sky’s the limit as dreams take flight.