What is Primary Prevention?

SafeLaunch advocates for the Primary Prevention of addiction, the brain disease that kills over 3,000 Americans each month by overdose alone. Because almost all (90%) people with the disease contracted it as children, it is the responsibility of parents, guardians, educators, and public health professionals to prevent early first exposure to alcohol, tobacco, and other addictive drugs.

According to Dr. Neil Singer MD, “Primary Prevention, as it pertains to the practice of medicine, means taking measures to prevent disease or ill health. An example would be immunizations, which attempt to prevent people from developing a disease in the first place. This is in contrast to secondary prevention, which involves strategies to diagnose and treat an existing disease in its early stages before it results in significant morbidity. An example of this would be a mammogram, which is aimed at finding breast cancer in its earliest stage. Tertiary prevention, then, involves treatment of established disease by restoring function and reducing disease-related complications. This, unfortunately, is the focus of most physician practices, and involves already established disease that is already causing health problems.”

You are invited to join us in the Primary Prevention of addiction in any of these ways: