SafeLaunch Takes Flights Above Addiction to Prescott Arizona’s Hope Takes Flight Festival

Hope Takes Flight Logo

The science of addiction will combine with art and airplanes at a Hope Takes Flight event from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 17, at the Legend Aviation building near the airport, 2020 Clubhouse Drive in Prescott. The free event for children ages 7-18 is sponsored by MATFORCE, Legend Aviation and SafeLaunch, an organization out of Santa Barbara, California, that works with parents and teens to stop addiction before it starts.

Sally Schindel, a Prescott parent who lost her son at age 31 to addiction, worked with SafeLaunch previously, and her son’s name is now permanently inscribed under the wings of the organization’s Cessna 182. Any parent who has lost a child because of addiction may contact the Wind Beneath Our Wings component of SafeLaunch by Sept. 30 to add a name to the airplane. Contact or Janet Rowse at 805-283-7233.

On Oct. 17, children will have the opportunity to participate in one of two workshops – 9 a.m. or noon – in a three-hour commitment that includes a “flying brain science lesson” using art and aviation where they will paint images of their dreams directly onto the airplane. No pre-registration is required.

Included in this community event is live music by three bands – Generation, Fault Line, and Stuff,  free ice cream, prizes and opportunities to look close-up at airplanes, helicopters, a police car, an airport fire truck, hot rods and motorbikes. Donations to cover the cost of bringing the SafeLaunch airplane to Prescott are welcome.

For more information, call Sally Schindel at 602-565-5860 or email