Visiting Pilot Seeks Artists to Paint his Plane & Give Angels Flight

Hope Takes Flight flyer-final Final

Ron Cuff, former Navy carrier pilot and co-founder of SafeLaunch Healthy Futures, is flying “DJ’, his Cessna 182 from Santa Barbara to Prescott, Arizona this weekend for the special event, Hope Takes Flight, at Legend Aviation. He is flying all this way to get a new paint job for his plane in remembrance of people lost to addiction, and to share that 90% of the disease starts with youth substance abuse.

By giving kids and their parents a “Preflight” lesson on neuroscience before picking up a paintbrush, they learn something important about how to navigate safely into their futures. Cuff says, “Other pilots think I’m crazy to let people paint on my airplane, but I can’t think of a more important mission”.

SafeLaunch co-founder and Cuff’s co-pilot Janet Rowse explains, “Addiction may not be curable, but everyone needs to know that it is preventable. Parents have to learn the facts about the teen brain. Like the paint on the plane, the science of addiction lesson needs to stick with the parents and the kids”.

The SafeLaunch Addiction Prevention Plane DJ, will be parked at Legend Aviation’s ramp, or hanger in the case of rain. Everyone is invited to paint the plane with names of people they know, as well as the names of celebrities cut down by addiction. Rowse stated, “We are particularly looking for a couple of talented local artists to paint angel wings on the airplane’s tail for this special event because we will be unveiling the names of people who lost their lives to addiction. When we fly back to Santa Barbara after the event, the angel wings will have extra special meaning for our friends in Prescott, Arizona. If there are any painters in this artistic community, we hope they will contact us.”