Stopping the disease of addiction before it starts to ensure healthy futures for America's teens

Flights Above Addiction

Flights Above Addiction is a traveling teen art and aviation program that informs communities that addiction is a preventable chronic brain disease contracted in adolescence 90% of the time.

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Media $500 Contests

Media $500 Contests invite secondary students to produce compelling art and media illuminating the risk of early alcohol, tobacco, and other drug exposure.

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Science of Addiction

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.

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Santa Barbara Teen News Network Spring Sports Report with Blake Devine

SBCEO Intern Leydi on the set at sbTNN

SafeLaunch Flight Above Addiction #5 Destination: Carlsbad, California



Sending “all your troubles down the drain” isn’t as easy as it sounds if your troubles include a chronic brain disease. According to RotoCo Inc., CEO and pilot Jim Holcomb, “The latest science tells us that children under age 15 are up to 600% more susceptible to addiction than adults, and that recovery is a lifelong commitment. This means that addiction is a good way to “flush” the potential for a beautiful, successful life. Roto Rooter is invested in the health and safety of children everywhere, and I am proud to sponsor this SafeLaunch event for our community.”

Retired Navy Commander Ron Cuff is Co-Founder of SafeLaunch, the only primary addiction prevention organization in Santa Barbara. With RotoCo’s support, SafeLaunch is planning their fifth air strike against addiction. This attack will be launched from the Carlsbad Palomar Airport on April 4 beginning at 1300 hours at Jet Source. A group of creative teens from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Carlsbad will paint Cuff’s Cessna 182 on the theme of “Flying to Your Dream”. He states, “These unique artistic events are designed to inform youth and the communities who support them that addiction doesn’t discriminate… except by age.”

“Addiction isn’t a choice made by adults”, says SafeLaunch Co-Founder Janet Rowse. “Addiction is a disease that almost always takes root during the early teen years. It starts with the brain’s exposure to alcohol, prescription drugs, or other intoxicants, and it doesn’t let go. While addiction treatment is improving all the time, most people don’t understand that it’s not a panacea. Relapse is a part of recovery, during which many people lose their lives and their loved ones. Everyone needs to know that addiction is a preventable youth onset brain disease for which there is no known cure.”

Cuff says, “We’ve all heard about the brutal nature of the Mexican drug cartels in California. These cartels exist solely because of our nation’s voracious appetite for drugs. The drug supply will never be significantly reduced until demand is curbed. With addiction the basis of drug demand, and 90% of addiction rooted in early exposure to intoxicants, preventing addiction has the potential to vastly decrease crime, child abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, and human trafficking in our communities.”

SafeLaunch has flown four successful missions to Santa Barbara, Camarillo, Santa Maria, and Lompoc, and will continue flying the message across California. If you are a local parent with a child who suffered, or is suffering from addiction, we invite you to bring your story and your child’s photo. We will proudly carry it with us on board this and all future FLIGHTS ABOVE ADDICTION.

This public event is sponsored by RotoCo, Inc. For more information or to sponsor a future Flight Above Addiction, contact or 805-283-7233.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara, Camarillo, Santa Maria, and the Santa Barbara Alliance

Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara, Camarillo, Santa Maria, and the Santa Barbara Alliance