Stopping the disease of addiction before it starts to ensure healthy futures for America's teens

Flights Above Addiction

Flights Above Addiction is a traveling teen art and aviation program that informs communities that addiction is a preventable chronic brain disease contracted in adolescence 90% of the time.

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Media $500 Contests

Media $500 Contests invite secondary students to produce compelling art and media illuminating the risk of early alcohol, tobacco, and other drug exposure.

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Science of Addiction

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.

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SafeLaunch with the Action Foundation and PAL Bring Free Counseling to Families in Santa Barbara

Free Drop-In Family Counseling Comes to Santa Barbara!

Beginning in Fall 2014

If you are a parent or a teen looking for help with a particular issue or simply wanting to make your family life more peaceful, these sessions are for you!

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Why Do We Care?


Kid Painting Wheel“The brain is the repository of our humanity, wisdom, our ability to love, learn, create, compute, compose, contemplate, think, to remember, to feel empathy for others, to engage in justice and compassion. We recognize how precious, unique and fortunate we are to be the bearer of functional minds. We are united in a passionate desire to protect the minds of our most vulnerable – the children.”

– Dr. Bertha Madras, Harvard Medical School

Flights Above Addiction: Dreams for a Healthy Future


Artists from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Lompoc

Hanging on Tight to Life

Hanging on Tight to Life

May 18, 2014 12:08 AM

Hundreds of aviation fans climbed aboard a Huey, watched a water drop by a helicopter, admired a variety of planes and even took a few rides at the Airport Day program Saturday at Santa Ynez Valley Airport. The free event gave families a chance to experience the world of aviation with discussions and hands-on experience.

Janet Rowse and Ron Cuff of Safe Launch brought Mr. Cuff’s Cessna 182 plane to the event and allowed children to paint their dreams on it so their dreams could take flight. SafeLaunch’s mission is to prevent addiction by preventing or delaying first exposure to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

On one side of the plane, kids from the Lompoc Boys & Girls Club painted pictures of their dreams. The other side was open to painting by any child. “The kids are really excited to paint an airplane. It’s a little unusual,” Ms. Rowse said. “It was a great day. The kids loved it.”

 Ron and Janet at SY Airport DaySafeLaunch co-founders Ron Cuff and Janet Rowse brought Mr. Cuff’s Cessna 182 to Santa Ynez Valley Airport for Saturday’s Airport Days. Children were allowed to paint their dreams on the plane, so their dreams could take flight.

The complete article from the Santa Barbara News Press is posted under the SafeLaunch in the News tab on the Home page.  By SHELLY CONE, NEWS-PRESS CORRESPONDENT/BILL MORSON/NEWS-PRESS PHOTOS