Want to make a TV Show all about Santa Barbara? Teens can!


What is sbTNN?

Santa Barbara Teen News Network (sbTNN) is a 30-minute magazine/news show created by local teens with professional media guidance.


What do students learn?

The Santa Barbara Teen News Network program teaches professional digital media production skills, videography and digital storytelling technique, on-camera technique, and, journalism and writing skills.


What is the value of a youth media program?

The sbTNN program offers press passes to local events; access to media professionals in various aspects of media, television and film production; hands-on career training in media and communications; and, internship opportunities in media production, all in a fun and supportive learning environment. sbTNN members produce positive, informative content to positively affect youth mental and physical health. Local teens produce a quality television show for teens and families. The cast and crew of sbTNN explore cultural topics of their interest and share them via Santa Barbara public access channel TVSB Culture 71. Programming is positive, informative, and relevant. SafeLaunch is a registered 501c3 and provides a public service.


Where is the show produced?

sbTNN students learn from professionals at TV Santa Barbara, a media center for content creators of all ages. The center provides access to media technology to tell stories, share ideas, and create television shows, independent films, and documentaries.


Where does the sbTNN show air?

All over! Check the show schedule on TVSB Channel 71, and watch video clips on Facebook. Watch videos from the first 4 sbTNN Seasons on the Teen News Network YouTube Channel, and full length shows on Vimeo. Soon, TVSB programs and videos will be available on-demand nationwide on Roku.


Can students earn community service hours for participation?

Every school district has rules regarding community service. sbTNN students are encouraged to check with their school’s counseling office for their specific requirements. As a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization, SafeLaunch sbTNN provides a valuable community service. The SafeLaunch mission is to prevent or delay early exposure to substances that cause addiction where is begins 90% of the time…with teens.


Where can you apply?

sbTNN Application


You love sbTNN and want to be a show sponsor. What should you do?

Wonderful! Local businesses and individuals sponsor SafeLaunch sbTNN. Email info@safelaunch.org for more information. You’ll receive acknowledgement every show …and our gratitude every day!