Getting Tricked By Addiction is No Treat

SGA Fly-In Flyer 2015

SafeLaunch is bringing their primary addiction prevention program, “Flights Above Addiction” to the San Gabriel Valley Airport this Saturday, at 9AM.

Alongside the classic aircraft and cars on display at this year’s Air Fair, attendees will find an unusual treat: a pure white Cessna made available for painting by its owner, retired Navy Commander Ron Cuff. In keeping with the holiday, youth will be asked to paint ghosts and ghouls on the aircraft to illustrate this event’s theme, Don’t Get Tricked By Addiction.

The Cessna is a focal point for the addiction prevention organization, SafeLaunch, co-founded by Ron Cuff and Janet Rowse in Santa Barbara. Promoting a science-based approach to addiction prevention, SafeLaunch offers teens opportunities to raise awareness about the threat of addiction. “A 14-year old, if exposed to any addictive substance, is up to six times more susceptible to this deadly disease than an adult, according to research from Harvard Medical School,” Rowse says. Commander Cuff tells kids, “When it comes to ‘getting high,’ an airplane is a great and safe way to do it, but using drugs or alcohol is a really unhealthy, dangerous way.”

The public and press are invited to see the art come to life in memory of people who have lost their lives to drugs, some of whom are memorialized on the wings of 521DJ, the SafeLaunch “prevention plane”.