Wind Beneath Our Wings

Lift Your Child UpThe Wind Beneath our Wings: A Flying Memorial



Losing a child under any circumstances is one of the worst experiences that anyone can imagine. The parents of the children “under our wings” have shared their personal tragedy with the hope that their story will save lives from substance abuse and addiction.

SafeLaunch is a nonpartisan alliance of parents and teens, business and community leaders committed to stopping addiction when and where it starts, before it starts. SafeLaunch is flying the prevention plane “DJ” to air shows, where youth artists paint her fuselage to spread a simple message; Without addiction, the future is healthy and bright!

Research shows that 90% of addiction begins with pre-teen and teen alcohol and drug use. By preventing and delaying adolescent exposure to addictive substances, millions of families, friends and communities need not suffer.

At this very moment overdose, accidental death, violent crime and child abuse is happening because of the 40,000,000 people suffering from addiction or substance abuse disorder. Today, 30-40% of high school juniors are using alcohol or drugs on a regular basis, and are well on the path to a life of lowered achievement, damaged relationships, or a lifetime of suffering from a disease that cannot be cured.

However… there is hope because the disease of addiction is PREVENTABLE.

Because of generous support from people like you, dozens of SafeLaunch plane painting events and SafeLaunch Media $500 Contests are raising public awareness. Print and television news media cover most of these events, helping to spread the word about the teen brain’s 600% higher risk of chemical addiction.

A donation IS NOT required to memorialize a child beneath the wing, but donations are accepted. To find out how to add a loved one’s name to our wings, email

SafeLaunch is a 501c-3 registered nonprofit. The people who work for SafeLaunch are not compensated, and SafeLaunch receives no taxpayer funding. Financial support from people like you is needed to continue the SafeLaunch mission, and perform many more “Flights Above Addiction”.

Please donate today.

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