Free Cotton Grocery Bag Service

Don’t Buy Another Grocery Bag…
     Borrow a Free, Locally-made, Clean Cotton Bag!

SafeLaunch Cotton Bags are the convenient. eco-conscious grocery bag solution!  Taking advantage of free, Cotton Bags is good for the environment AND helps SafeLaunch prevent addiction. They are available at Lazy Acres Market in Santa Barbara.


Forget your bags once and for all! Fresh 100% cotton bags are waiting for you at the Lazy Acres checkout stands.

You can participate at NO COST. It’s easy! Our bags are sponsored by local businesses who believe in our addiction prevention mission.

1. SIGN UP at or at the Customer Service counter at Lazy Acres.

2. RECEIVE your Cotton Bag Membership Card by mail or at Lazy Acres.

3. SHOP at Lazy Acres Market Santa Barbara and show the checker your membership card when you check out. You will receive as many bags as you need for your order.

4. RETURN the used bags to Lazy Acres or Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners, our most environmentally conscious dry cleaner.

For convenient home pickup call Ablitt’s at (805) 963-6677, or take them to Ablitt’s at 14 W. Gutierrez St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.

Give it a try! Borrow a clean, SafeLaunch Cotton Bag (TM)!