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Families at the Hollister Airshow this Father’s Day Will Meet a Real Crazy Pilot

Father’s Day 2016 will mark SafeLaunch’s 20th “Airstrike” on Addiction, a disease more deadly than ISIS

That “crazy” SafeLaunch pilot and dad, Ron Cuff, will fly his Cessna 182 to the Hollister Airshow this Father’s Day weekend. Together with his trusty co-pilot and co-founder Janet Rowse, they will invite all kids at the show to paint their HEALTHY LIFE DREAMS on his plane. While colorizing his all-white plane, they will be reminding kids that flying a plane is the only safe way to “get high”.

The SafeLaunch mission to prevent addiction where it’s usually starts… with kids, is so important that Ron doesn’t let it bother him when other airshow pilots call him crazy for letting kids paint his plane or when they ask him for the umpteenth time whether the paint washes off. He deftly handles their comments with a wry smile… and then challenges them to “Take the Pledge” to be a strong and loving parent who refuses to let kids experiment with drugs or alcohol.

We invite YOU to take the Parent Pledge, too!

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Families Take the SafeLaunch Pledge at Santa Ynez Airport Day

Armed with colorful paint and brushes, Flights Above Addiction gives children the opportunity to get creative with a small plane and inspires them to think about where they want to go. SafeLaunch Co-Founder Ron Cuff, the plane’s owner and pilot, tells them, “A great flight is like a great life- both take planning and a clear head.” Before painting “DJ”, the children and their parents learn about addiction risk and sign the SafeLaunch Pledge, which offers 11 healthy action steps that families can take.

We feel honored to have been invited back for the 3rd time to Santa Ynez Airport Day to bring our proactive health message to young families. Based on current brain studies, preventing and delaying the first use of drugs and alcohol prevents substance use disorders, addiction, and often tragedy.

We thank our Santa Ynez Airport Day event sponsor, Efren Pulido, Realtor at Los Olivos Real Estate Company, and the ongoing support from Above All Aviation, Coastal Aircraft Maintenance, and Signature Flight Support in Santa Barbara.

Crazy Pilot Coming To Santa Ynez Airport Day… Again!

SafeLaunch returns to Santa Ynez Airport Day with a Crazy Pilot, Paint and a Message on Saturday, May 21

Santa Ynez EventPilots and future pilots attending last year’s Santa Ynez Airport Day were stunned to see one pilot encourage kids to paint bright images all over his airplane! This Saturday, May 21 from 10am-3pm, he’ll be back.

Almost every pilot who witnessed the throng of enthusiastic kids painting the white Cessna Skylane last year thought that he must be crazy. He may well be, but there is a mission and a method to his madness. It’s called SafeLaunch and it is the name of the nonprofit Ron Cuff co-founded with Janet Rowse, wife of Santa Barbara City Councilmember Randy Rowse.

SafeLaunch, the name that implies launching kids safely into adulthood without the burden of addiction was derived from the thousands of safe launches from aircraft carriers that Commander Cuff witnessed and participated in while serving as a Naval Aviator.

SafeLaunch is the nation’s one and only nonprofit of its kind, 100% dedicated to primary prevention. According to Cuff, “Parents need to know that addiction affects over 23 million Americans and that 90% of it starts in the teen years.” Janet Rowse emphasizes the scientifically-proven vulnerability of teens’ developing brains– “This brain disease is almost 100% preventable, so it isn’t good enough to hope that your child will make a good decision whenever an opportunity presents itself,” she says. “Parents need information and tools to protect their children’s developing brains and futures, which is what SafeLaunch provides”.

Regardless of the “crazy pilot” moniker, Cuff can’t be dissuaded. “Hey, I’ve got a blank canvas that flies, and we tell kids that painting a life free from addiction is the way to go. All they need is a destination, a flight plan and a clear head.”

“Our Flights Above Addiction plane painting exhibit gives kids a chance to get up close and personal with aviation. It’s our hope that they will see their dreams take off just like this colorful airplane”, adds Rowse. “We invite everyone to come to this great local event where kids can take a free flight thanks to this great Santa Ynez airport, some committed EAA Young Eagles pilots and a generous community of sponsors.

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