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Which Prescribed Drugs Cause Teen Addiction?

Teen Medicine Abuse Is an Epidemic that Leads to Overdose and Addiction

The Medicine Abuse Project offers the following interactive drug map to show the types of medicine that teens frequently abuse. You can learn about the prescription and over-the-counter drugs that teens are most commonly abusing, including what they look like, their street or slang names, how they’re taken and what the potential side effects are. Take the first step to end addiction by clicking the image.

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 10.35.24 AM

SafeLaunch Drug Quiz: The Smart Drug?

Representing the first in a series of articles we’ll post about current drugs of abuse, this infographic shows the history of one of the most commonly prescribed drugs for ADHD, its clinical use, and its misuse.

The Smart Drug?

Fly Above Addiction: Young Artists Paint, Say Yes To Life!

Fly Above Addiction: Artists from the Camarillo Boys and Girls Club Named their Design, Say Yes to Life!

Fly Above Addiction Camarillo

Video: Camarillo Boys and Girls Club Artists “Say Yes To… Life!”

John Palminteri and crew from KEYT News Channel 3 captured the event on this video to help us spread our important addiction prevention message.

The video