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Flights Above Addiction: Dreams for a Healthy Future


Artists from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Lompoc

Hanging on Tight to Life

Hanging on Tight to Life

May 18, 2014 12:08 AM

Hundreds of aviation fans climbed aboard a Huey, watched a water drop by a helicopter, admired a variety of planes and even took a few rides at the Airport Day program Saturday at Santa Ynez Valley Airport. The free event gave families a chance to experience the world of aviation with discussions and hands-on experience.

Janet Rowse and Ron Cuff of Safe Launch brought Mr. Cuff’s Cessna 182 plane to the event and allowed children to paint their dreams on it so their dreams could take flight. SafeLaunch’s mission is to prevent addiction by preventing or delaying first exposure to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

On one side of the plane, kids from the Lompoc Boys & Girls Club painted pictures of their dreams. The other side was open to painting by any child. “The kids are really excited to paint an airplane. It’s a little unusual,” Ms. Rowse said. “It was a great day. The kids loved it.”

 Ron and Janet at SY Airport DaySafeLaunch co-founders Ron Cuff and Janet Rowse brought Mr. Cuff’s Cessna 182 to Santa Ynez Valley Airport for Saturday’s Airport Days. Children were allowed to paint their dreams on the plane, so their dreams could take flight.

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Flight Above Addiction #6: Santa Ynez Airport Day Report….A Great Day for Prevention!

The youth from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Lompoc rose to the challenge to create their visions for a healthy and fun life on the side a Cessna 182 today at the Santa Ynez Airport. Over 800 guests came to view a variety of aircraft and demonstrations, listen to presentations by experts, and enjoy hamburgers and hotdogs generously provided by the event sponsors in the sunshine that characterizes this terrific airport. Our friends at Above All Aviation Flight School and EAA members provided free plane rides to children 8-17.

The public was invited to paint the other side of the Cessna and they enjoyed themselves… even the little ones. Our hope is that everyone who picked up a paintbrush or gave one to their child got the message: young brains are highly susceptible to the disease of addiction caused by early exposure to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

BoysGirlsClubsLompoc Visitors' Dreams

Protect the little brains

Hang on Tight to your Dreams

Flight Above Addiction #6 Destination Santa Ynez, California


Santa Ynez Area Youth to Inspire Peers Through Aviation and Art

Paint Our Plane to Prevent Addiction

SafeLaunch is bringing its “Flights Above Addiction” to Santa Ynez Airport on Saturday, May 17, 2014 and everyone is invited! Beginning at 0900 hours, local teens will begin painting a real airplane with real paint at the Santa Ynez Airport Day.

This will be the sixth SafeLaunch “Flight Above Addiction” event in California, where teens are invited to paint retired Navy Commander Ron Cuff’s Cessna Skylane N521DJ with their own designs for a healthy future, one free from the disease of addiction. The Cessna is a focal point for the primary addiction prevention organization SafeLaunch, co­founded by Ron Cuff and Janet Rowse.

SafeLaunch uses art and peer to peer messaging to raise awareness about the threat of addiction to young brains. “A 14 year old’s brain, if exposed to any addictive substance, is up to six times more susceptible to this incurable disease than an adult’s” according to recent research from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, Cuff says.

“The kids will be invited to focus on the beauty of life, and the many ways that youth can gain a natural high. SafeLaunch encourages the community to learn the facts about addiction, and to do everything they can to stop addiction where it starts 90% of the time… with early exposure to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs,” stated Rowse. Youth from the Lompoc Boys and Girls Club will be painting their designs on one side of the plane from
9­11am and the public is invited to paint the other side from 9am­12pm.

The public and press are invited to see the artists at work between 10:30 and 12:00 noon. The finished work will be on display between noon and 5PM.

For information about Santa Ynez Airport Day, contact Robert Perry at  For information about SafeLaunch, contact Janet Rowse at